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How to Charge for Web Design Services in 2019?

Pricing every project is a dilemma faced by every web designer at some stage. It can be very cumbersome to put a monetary value on your efforts and experience. Whether you like this part of the project or not, it is something you have to face when it comes to web design projects. Unfortunately, pricing your web design ballarat services isn’t exactly a set method. You need to take into account a lot of different factors to price a project appropriately, which will lead to you being compensated differently for different projects.

Let’s explore a couple of factors that’ll help you price your web design project.

Would you want an hourly rate or fixed?

There are pros and cons for both the payment structures. Clients like to go with a fixed rate because it makes it easier for them to estimate the whole budget of the project right at the beginning. This way benefits both the parties as they know the money on the table from the start of the project.

Hourly payments ensure that the designer doesn’t lose out financially if a project takes longer than expected. With a fixed rate, if you complete the project earlier than expected, you stand to earn an amount for more than the time and efforts invested in the project. If the project goes on for a longer period, and you are working on a fixed rate, it will require more time and efforts from you to successfully complete the project.

Look at what your competition is offering

Knowing the standard market rate for web design services can greatly help put a price on your own services. Many freelancers and web design companies have listed their service charges on their website or on marketplaces, you can take a note from there.

You can take into account a couple of things to ensure that you provide your clients with a realistic estimate of your services. Are you targeting small jobs like logos or banner redesigns, or are you looking for bigger projects like complete websites (this can be further divided into categories where you don’t use any content management systems and build complete sites from scratch or the ones where you use WordPress or similar tools)?

No set standards

At the end of the day, it isn’t exact mathematics, you can’t just offer your services at a rate because someone else has the same rate on their website. You need to evaluate your own skills and all the time you will be required to put into this project. Are you required to provide any after sales support to the client? Last but not least, the prices can vary because there are a lot of environmental variables that can create variations.